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Lean hospital: Patient, Employee and Employer Satisfaction…

What Is Lean Hospital?

  • Increases patient/patient relative, employee and employer satisfaction, provides service with higher quality,
  • Provides increase in productivity with continuous reduction of waste in the system,
  • Improves costs and speeds up the diagnosis and treatment period of the patient,
  • Thus increases the hospital's profitability and competitiveness,
  • Creates "Company Culture", where "Personal Responsibility" and "Mutual Respect" and "Continuous Improvement" are promoted.
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“Value” is all services for the recovery of the patient.

“Activities that do not create value are;

  • cost for management,
  • waste of time for the patient,
  • refers to chore jobs for the employee. "

 The secret of the Lean Hospital; It shows people how to look at the details of the processes and ensures that the problems are corrected in "Gemba" by the people who do the work. The system is corrected and improved in small, manageable parts.

Gains of Lean Hospital Transformation;

  • Improving business processes, ensuring continuous flow
  • Productivity increase
  • Minimizing seven waste and reducing costs
  • Determination of work standards
  • 5S improvements
  • Service quality increase
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Decrease in material stocks
  • Saving on walking distances
  • Shortening lead times
  • Balancing workloads
  • Capacity increase
  • Ensuring employee development