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Lean Production & Lean Techniques Trainings

“We continue to give Lean Production and Techniques Trainings on many different platforms.

  • While we explain the theory of lean production techniques in Universities and Chambers of Industry, we also share their successful applications with their presentations and videos.
  • Thus, the participants learn by watching how they can make applications in the future.
  • In the trainings we provide at the factories, we make sure to apply the lean production techniques in the field.
  • In this way, we turn the view of all employees towards the system to a positive one in a short time and provide confidence.
  • Employees see that the theory of the lean production system is very powerful, as well as that its practice can be easily applied in the field as well as in the trainings.

Lean Production Trainings that we give priority and the most;

Lean Production & Techniques

Progim always solves problems with hands-on «where the work is actually done (in the Gemba)». This place can be any part of the factory, sometimes it can be any indirect department that supports production, such as product development, sometimes quality, sometimes supply chain departments.

In addition to lean production trainings, we provide trainings according to the needs of companies.

Our Trainings According to Company Needs: