Production Scheduling Software

  • “Production Scheduling” provides detailed daily plans that show how each process will be carried out in which work center, in what time interval
  • To show you in which work center and at what time intervals each transaction will be made,
  • It allows you to make detailed daily plans.

Key Features of Production Scheduling Software

The Production planner can see his daily plan both on the Gantt chart and in table format.

The work orders are distributed to the work stations to be completed in shortest time.

The work schedule of the workplaces is taken into account while planning.

When creating work orders, warehouse and minimum stock (safety stock) amounts are taken into account.

While daily planning is done, new plans are created by taking into account the "planned / realized" information from the previous day.

Manual intervention to the plan is possible.

It can be easily changed the determined priority criteria.

Progim-Production Scheduling Provides

Production planning activities in a shorter time and more accurate

Detailed planning on the basis of machine and product

Increase in efficiency of planning employees

Decrease in semi-finished good stocks

Productivity increase

Easy sharing of daily plans to everyone

"Delivery Time Calculation" module for new and urgent incoming orders

Decrease on unplanned type changing and waste

Shortened lead times

Follow-up and Revisions with Gantt Chart

You can create more effective plans with the opportunity to see and revise the created schedule on the Gantt Chart screen developed for the visibility of the production schedule.

Reporting Screens For Easily Sharing of production Schedules

Easy transfer of daily production plans to all concerned in the form of reports; This ensures that everyone in the Company has the same information.


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Production Scheduling Software