As “Progim”, we ensure the establishment of “Lean Production System” in order to reduce costs, increase quality and decrease lead times in the factories.

We realize this with the weekly Kaizen Workshops.

Kaizen workshops are improvement team works in the selected region within a week.

We apply this method so effectively and successfully that SMEs can visualize at the end of the first week what kind of a company they will become 6 months-1 year later. This ensures the trust of all employees of the company to the "Lean Production System" from the first week.

In these workshops, the production is observed in the field and value added works and non-value added works are determined. New ideas are developed and actively implemented in order to minimize non-value added works, to ensure continuous flow and to establish pull system.

Fast and effective results are obtained with Kaizen workshops.

The secret of success is based on managing and directing teamwork participating 8-10 people from different parts of the company.

Creativity and energy in the group reveals fast and simple solutions, enabling quick improvements without requiring investment and long-term engineerin projects.

The region of each workshop is different, so its machines, employees, products are also different. It has unique problems. But we can say that workshop systematic is the same in general.

On the first day of the 5-day workshop, Monday, we give “lean production and techniques” training to team members. In this way, the team members learn theoretically in which direction they will make the improvements in the field.

The current situation analysis is carried out on Tuesday. Time studies, layout plans, spaghetti diagrams, material flow analyzes are carried out with team members; Problems with 5S, ergonomics, quality and safety are detected.

Wednesday is the day of improvement. Waste and problems detected on Tuesday, are resolved quickly, necessary maintenance or purchasing activities are completed.

Production is carried out in new and improved form on Thursday. Analyzes on Tuesday are also done on Thursday. Thus, it comes out with all the results before and after the production in the same area.

These results are presented to the top management by the workshop team on Friday. Actions not finished yet, are also included in the 30-day action plan and tracked.

Our aim is not to fish in businesses, but to teach how to fish.

Factory employees actively participate in workshops and learn this system, and over time, they can perform kaizen workshops on their own.

Thus, the lean manufacturing system is sustained by the company resources.

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