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“Progim Yalın Dönüşüm ve Yazılım" Since its founding by Engin Eroğlu in 2014, we have implemented lean manufacturing practices with more than 200 successful kaizen workshops in more than 30 companies.

 How we work?

we ensure the establishment of ““Lean Production System” in order to reduce costs, increase quality and decrease lead times in the factories.

  • Our consultants with many years of field experience perform “Lean Transformation” with weekly “Kaizen Workshops”.
  • Bizim amacımız işletmelere balık tutmak değil, balık tutmayı öğretmektir.
  • Factory employees actively participate in workshops and learn this system, and over time, they can perform kaizen workshops on their own.
  • Thus, the lean manufacturing system is sustained by the company resources.
  • This point is very critical.
  • After implementing lean production system, we have determined that we need to improve, digitalize and standardize the “planning and management” processes of the companies in order to ensure sustainability.
  • For this purpose, we have completed our "Production Scheduling" software in our own company.
  • We call “Production Scheduling” to detailed daily plans that show how each process will be carried out in which work center, in what time interval, and what sort of operations will be done in order to produce the products in the most efficient way in accordance with customer deadlines.
  • In order to call a production system “the most efficient”, it must be configured with “scheduling software”.
  • As a result, these great improvements in planning activities also lead to a great improvements in the production management of the company.
  • In addition, Program gives trainings and seminars about “Lean Production and Techniques, Production Planning, Scheduling” at some Universities and Chamber of Industries in many cities.
After graduating from METU Mechanical Engineering Department in 1995, he started to work as a
R&D engineer at Türk Demirdöküm Fabrikaları AŞ in the same year. He worked in R&D - Marketing - Export - Production - Lean Production departments.
Engin Eroğlu
Director General

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