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Before or after the decision to switch to the lean production system, the employees of the business can show resistance for many reasons. These resistances can be at any level, from top management to blue-collar workers.

With the "Model Factory Simulation", the awareness of the benefits to be gained by switching to "Lean Production" is created in the participants. Participants learn and perceive the production conditions and cost changes before and after "Lean Production" as if they were living in a real factory.

Lean Production Simulation, During the all-day training, the participants are in 3 different scenarios in which pre- and post-lean production are animated; They are playing the game “Model Factory Simulation”. Each participant takes part in positions such as planner-warehouse-installer-qualityman-manager and they produce “Lawn Mowers” ​​as if they were in a real factory.


Progim Lean Transformation & Software  General Manager, Engin Eroğlu, after the theoretical training before the simulation game; In the first round, the team produces a 'Lawnmower' according to the traditional workflow, using 'Kanban' in the second round and an additional 'One Piece Flow' in the third round.

Production conditions and cost changes before and after “Lean Production”

Playing Lean Manufacturing Simulation, the team stays at a loss in the first round, but succeeds in making much more products in the second round and the third round, putting the company in high profits.

Thus, the participants learn by experiencing the Lean Manufacturing Techniques and how successful results are obtained, especially with the good implementation of Kanban and Single Piece Flow.

Progim General Manager, Engin Eroğlu, gave the theoretical training before the simulation game.

informs the participants.